Jennifer Garner Apparently Doesn’t Mind Ben Affleck Gambling Because It Keeps Him From Cheating

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck getting Seraphina ready for school December 2013In case you were wondering how Jennifer Garner feels about Ben Affleck getting a reputation as the kind of gambler who gets kicked out of casinos, apparently she's fine with it, because it keeps him distracted enough that she doesn't have to worry about him cheating. Guhhhhhh.

As you may recall, Ben was kicked out of the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas a couple months ago after getting caught counting cards, and it apparently happened again a few days ago at Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino in Ontario. It's not technically illegal, but casinos usually kick people out if they discover them doing it, because it makes it decreases the odds of the house winning. So while Ben wasn't breaking any laws, I imagined Jenn would be at least a little bit embarrassed about getting asked to leave, and the fact that people are speculating about whether Ben has a gambling problem and whether they're heading for divorce.

But apparently that's not the case, at least according to Radar Online, who has a source claiming that Jennifer doesn't mind the gambling, because it keeps Ben from cheating. Facepalm.

“Jen is happy with Ben gambling because she feels like it keeps him focused.”

She's allegedly told friends that it ‘helps with' their relationship for Ben to have an outlet outside of work.

“The alternatives are working, gambling, and spending time with family or out on the town partying. Gambling replaces that last option … he’s either working or gambling.”

So spending time with family is definitely out? We're for sure taking that off the table? That's a pretty low bar to set for Jennifer Garner, who presumably thought she'd signed up for a husband and not a fourth child. Woof.