Why Are We Shocked That Jennifer Aniston Won’t Discuss Brangelina In Interviews?

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Why Are We Shocked That Jennifer Aniston Won t Discuss Brangelina In Interviews  Jennifer Aniston making funny face nodding GIF gifWe can all agree that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt ended their marriage almost ten years ago, right? So why are we still so shocked that Jen doesn’t want to talk about it in interviews?

Like this interview that Jennifer just gave to the TODAY Show recently, where she told Carson Daly that there’s unfair pressure placed on her to get married and have kids? That conversation was enough to stand on its own, because she said some really smart stuff, but instead Radar Online is acting like the fact that Brad and Angelina Jolie got married soon afterward is able to overshadow it somehow. According to a source:

“It would have been the big elephant in the room. Jen must be extremely grateful or lucky it went down when it did!”

Or neither? Since they aren’t related events? But even though she supposedly ‘dodged a bullet’ by getting the interview out of the way only a few days before the whole country was ‘abuzz’ in Brangelina news, Radar still found a way to work them into the conversation.

“Tthere were very strict guidelines about what could be asked. Carson had to agree not to ask any questions about ex-husband, Brad Pitt or when she would be getting married to Justin Theroux.

Okay but is that really that weird? Why would they need to be asking a question about Brad? That’s like how Rachel McAdams still gets questions on The Notebook, and Jenny Slate still gets questions about getting fired from SNL, even though they’ve both done an insane amount of stuff since then.

“Her publicist wasn’t happy that Carson got in a question that led Jen to talking about marriage and children in general. They also had to agree not to show any past footage of Jen with Brad.”

Again. Duh. She’s not with him, and she hasn’t been for a decade! Would you want to show footage of her with Vince Vaughn or John Mayer? Probably not, right, so why is Brad still a factor? Let’s move on, buddies. Especially because according to a rep from the TODAY show:

“There were absolutely no conditions or restrictions agreed to or made by anyone…the interview covered a wide range of topics from her career to marriage and motherhood, and it made headlines everywhere.”

So we’re talking about things that didn’t come up in an interview where they had no business coming up? Surely we can do better than that.

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