In Exciting News, Jennifer Aniston Can Now Say She’s Been Pregnant More Times Than Michelle Duggar

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Just when Jennifer Aniston started running out of fun facts to share about herself during film set icebreakers, we hand her one on a silver platter. Turns out that she's currently out-pregnancy-ing our reigning pregnancy champ, Michelle Duggar.  At least according to all the sources who come forward every 17 days to leak rumors that she's with child. Today we're hearing the exciting news from a Hollywood Life source.

Why is this pregnancy rumor different than all the other pregnancy rumors?

Because this one involves her boobs. And much like the science behind pregnancy pillow face, it's up to us folks out there in the real world to diagnose celebrities by looking at their bodies. The outsides of course. It would be downright bizarre if we took their insides into consideration before doling out our diagnoses.

Jennifer showed off her sexy cleavage at the Guys Choice Awards in L.A. on June 8, and a source at the event tells HollywoodLife.com that her breasts were bigger than ever! Could she be hiding a bun in the oven?

While I hate to side with Hollywood Life, I can't argue that their logic's flawless. She very well could be hiding a bun in the oven. (Or a bun in her purse if she's my grandmother.) The only time a woman's boobs look bigger are when she's pregnant. Or wearing a certain dress. Or a specific bra. Or auditioning for the role of young Roberta Martin in Now and Then. So I don't know if Hollywood Life hired Harriet the Spy or what for their site, but I've got to hand it to them on handing Jennifer Aniston her billionith pregnancy. Now, if only she would have one of these kids at some point. That uterus must be getting pretty, pretty crowded.

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