Jennifer Aniston Goes Makeup-Free, Surprises Approximately No One By Looking Gorgeous

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Jennifer Aniston no makeup August 2013

It's been like five seconds since the last makeup-free celebrity selfie, so obviously we were due for another one, and Jennifer Aniston's hair stylist Chris McMillan really delivered. Chris, who has worked with Jen for years and is responsible for such iconic styles as “The Rachel,” posted an Instagram picture yesterday of him and Jen hanging out together — and makeup wasn't invited. Chris captioned the photo “Best #friends #no makeup #girl-time,” and I think some people looking at this photo will just assume that “no makeup” refers to Chris, because holy moly look how gorgeous Jen looks!

But honestly, while it's certainly very impressive that Jen looks this good bare-faced, I doubt anyone is that surprised. Before I saw opened the photo in question, I thought to myself, “Well, she obviously looks just as gorgeous as she always does.” And I was right. This is partly because I'm a celebrity psychic, but also because the picture was presumably approved by Jen before being posted. In other words, it wasn't taken by some paparazzo hiding in the bushes to zoom in on a single pimple while she took out the trash and PS is that a baby bump?! In general, when celebrities willingly pose for makeup-free selfies, they know they still look great. This photo is also not that surprising to me because Jennifer Aniston is typically very natural-looking even with makeup on. She doesn't seem to subscribe to the “more eyeliner now!” technique that a lot of celebrities do. And her body is a well-oiled machine, you guys. Haven't you heard? A single Big Mac made her insides go berserk.

Instead of trying to assign some kind of rating to Jen's makeup-free look on a scale from “pimply mess” to “she's totally got concealer on, you guys,” I vote that we just admire Jen's glowiness and call it a day. I mean, how can we be mad at Jennifer Aniston? She's Rachel Green. She's Ross's lobster. Sure, she most likely chugs SmartWater non-stop all day to achieve the perfect level of skin hydration, but she also probably has to pee a lot as a result, so it's not all glamour.

(Photo: Instagram)