Jennifer Aniston Gave Her Half-Eaten Ice Cream Sandwich To Normals, What A Philanthropist

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What do you do when you're at a restaurant and you just can't finish eating something? You probably ask the server to box it up, or you share it with someone you're with, or you just leave it on your plate and let it be whisked away to die a sad death in the garbage. When you're Jennifer Aniston, however, you give that partially consumed food to a group of strangers, because who wouldn't want to receive the precious gift of a celebrity's leftovers, am I right?

According to E! News, this is a true story, and it's also the greatest one I've ever read in my entire life. On Tuesday night after seeing Rosie Perez perform in the play Fish in the Dark, Jennifer went to dinner with Rosie and Jason Bateman at Omar's La Ranita in New York City. A source says that Jennifer got an ice cream sandwich for dessert, but she was “unable to finish,” so she chose to “share the dessert with three guests sitting behind her.”

First of all, the fact that Jennifer “A Big Mac Almost Killed Me” Aniston ate any amount of ice cream sandwich blows my mind. Second of all, I guess fancy famous people Rosie and Jason aren't so into half-eaten ice cream sandwiches. You know who totally is, though, according to Jennifer Aniston? Normal people.

She's right, of course. My fellow normals can back me up on this. There's simply nothing greater than when someone I've never met turns to me in a restaurant and is all, “I can't finish this. You want it?” Whenever I go out to dinner, I cross my fingers that I'll get the chance to be a human garbage disposal. Who cares that you're a stranger and just put your mouth and hands all over that thing? Free food!

And when it's a celebrity like Jennifer Aniston giving it to you, that free food goes from exciting to life-changing. We should all be so lucky as to finish Jennifer Aniston's ice cream sandwiches. I bet she threw it on the ground and was all, “Go get your treat!” As she should have, of course. Plates are for famous people.

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