Jennifer Aniston Fails At Scaring Ellen, But Succeeds At Making Me Laugh

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Jennifer Aniston Fail Scare Video Ellen Show

In completely embarrassing news for Jennifer Aniston, she totally failed at scaring Ellen DeGeneres while appearing on her show. Yet somehow her failed attempt made the situation so much funnier. After all, no one can really scare Ellen. That's her thing.

Because if there's one thing you know about Ellen DeGeneres — besides the thing where she keeps a menegerie of underage youtube stars living in her basement — it's that she loves to scare celebrities. Never in my life have I ever seen a human being look happier than Ellen after she makes a celebrity scream. I think she might get high of it. But I zoned out during most of my D.A.R.E classes in school, so I can't remember if making celebrities jump is equivalent (or even more dangerous) than crystal meth.

While I don't want to take a trip too far down memory lane this early in the morning, I would be negligent if I didn't bring up my favorite Ellen scare of all time. Or I guess I should say scares. Ellen's scared Taylor Swift five times on her show. And each time is more hilarious than the one before it. In a stupid kind of way. But sometimes it's okay to laugh for stupid reasons, right? (If you say no then my whole career as a Youtube Fail Video Compilation Editor is a waste and I have to go back to law school and wahh wahh.)

What makes the following Jennifer Aniston scare video so amazing is that she pulls it off so horribly. Rather than playing the scarer, she ends up playing the scaree. Resulting in Ellen being like “WTF” rather than “AAAAAHHHHHH!” But in Jen's defense, I'm pretty sure Ellen's always ready for a scare, since at some point, someone's going to want to get revenge. So unlike all the celebrities she scares on her show, she's always ready and waiting for someone to jump out at her.

Watch all the magic go down right here: