We’ve Got Further Proof That Jennifer Aniston Really Does Have The Best Life Ever

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We ve Got Further Proof That Jennifer Aniston Really Does Have the Best Life Ever jennifer aniston upnout 830x524 jpg

Jennifer Aniston has the best life ever, as evidenced by her morning routine in which she wakes up at 8 A.M. for a 90-minute workout, followed by a trip to her infrared sauna, and then breakfast of toast with coconut oil and eggs from her personal chickens, one of which blesses her with double yolks. I’m not jealous, I promise!

Further evidence that Jennifer has the best damn life of all comes from the fact that she’s starring in a new commercial for Emirates Airlines. Watch it below — yes, of course, it’s cute and funny and she shows off that Aniston charm that we’ve all loved for like 25 years, but the real surprise here is how much money she is getting for it.

Page Six reported back in August that her deal with the Dubai-based airline is netting her about $5 million. Yep, you read that right, $5 MILLION. To star in some commercials and print ads for an airline. I’m sure she’ll also get plenty of perks, like free luxury flights to Dubai and shit. Jennifer, please adopt me. I’m begging you. Yours is the life I was destined to have. Hear my call!

(Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage)