Here’s A Video Of Jennifer Aniston Throwing Cake In The Faces Of Normals To Help Her Get Over Her Oscars Snub

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It must be pretty interesting to be Jennifer Aniston lately. She lives in a world where we just can't let the story of her divorce from Brad Pitt die (oops, there I go again!), she's been caught negging the hell out of her current gentleman caller Justin Theroux, and to top it all off, she got snubbed so hard by the Oscars for her role in Cake, that movie that everyone is freaking out that hasn't even come out yet.

You know how they say success is the best revenge for these kinds of weird setbacks (if you could even call them that, considering she's still one of the most famous ladies in the whole land despite the fact that, since, I've been marathoning Friends, I can only actually think of her as Rachel Greene)? Well, the elusive “they” of yore were wrong, because it turns out Ellen DeGeneres has achieved a new state of perfection by coming up with the best new revenge: throwing cake in the face of strangers. AS YOU DO, OF COURSE.

After a lengthy discussion of a rather intimate topless photo shoot Jen did with one of her friends who she weirdly described as someone who was “like her brother”, Ellen decided it was time to take matters into her own hands the only way she knows how: a game that subtly embarrasses audience members while rewarding them in some awesome way. The game is “Let The Eat Cake,” and while there is, sadly, little cake-eating actually going on, there is plenty of cake-throwing, and that's all we're really here for. Hopefully Jen can practice that arm of hers for the Oscars in February, because I'm sensing a face cake in one of the best actress nominees' futures. Click here to see her play the game, and watch her talk about getting snubbed below!