Dylan Sprouse Tweets The Perfect Response To Jennette McCurdy’s Leaked Photos

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Jennette McCurdy Creative Arts Emmys September 2013

Another day, another Disney and/or Nickelodeon star with a naked and/or half-naked photo leak. In this case the channel is Nickelodeon and the status of nakedness is “in her underwear.” Photos of Sam & Cat star Jennette McCurdy posing in lingerie surfaced on the Internet this weekend. They're relatively tame in that she is wearing something, and she is a 21-year-old adult, but of course when you're on a TV show for kids, stuff like this sort of scandalous. Luckily none of the photos show her naked, which is something another kid star knows a lot about.

Last December, former Disney star Dylan Sprouse faced his own scandalous photo leak, and the photos in question showed us a lot. As in everything. As in you could see his penis. There, I said it. I thought about just using a few more euphemisms, but I just had to throw caution to the wind and use the technical term. When the photos were leaked, allegedly by an ex-girlfriend, Dylan did something really refreshing by actually talking openly and honestly and without shame about the incident, and even laughing about it. He took a similar attitude in response to Jennette's incident. Here's what he tweeted to her last night:

Not only do I love that Dylan's still not ashamed to bring up the fact that his photo scandal happened, but I also love that this really puts Jennette's photos into perspective. If I were a celebrity whose half-naked image got posted all over the Internet, I wouldn't mind a celebrifriend who was willing to remind everyone that not only has he been there too, but his photos featured actual genitalia. Things could always be worse. And isn't that already kind of the motto of Hollywood? Thanks for being cool, Dylan Sprouse. Now could we hear more about why Joe Jonas is a “bad arist”? You can take your time. I'll just be sitting here waiting with bated breath.

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