Behold: The Weirdest Jenner Family Portrait You’ll See Today

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Behold  The Weirdest Jenner Family Portrait You ll See Today Jenner ANTM Photo Shoot jpg

Do you ever read an article where so little of it makes sense that you start questioning if you either woke up illiterate or you accidentally picked up the Polish version of the Daily Mail? Yes? Awesome, because I just read one of those articles about a Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner family photo shoot inspired by Toddlers & Tiaras.

While I have no doubt that Kris Jenner’s children would be the Honey Boo Boo Children of the world if she had had that opportunity in the ’90s, she never actually got a chance for her children to participate. But it’s never too late to get freaky, is it?

In a photo shoot for America’s Next Top Model, Kendall and Kylie channeled the soul of Wednesday Adams and dressed as identical, sinister twins. Their mom, Kris appears to be wearing parts of my 6th grade “sexy-but-still-age-appropriate” witch costume for Halloween. Either that or there was a sale at the small boutique Slutty Puritan.

According to the article in the Daily Mail, “The theme for the shoot is a Toddlers And Tiaras-inspired concept, with the hopefuls taking on the roles of the toddlers.”

I beg your pardon, but what? Why are the models taking on the role of toddlers and why are the Jenners even there. Have the photographers ever seen an episode Toddler & Tiaras? This photo shoot looks very, very loosely inspired by the show. No one’s even wearing flippers!

(Photo: Daily Mail)