Jenna Jameson Is Being Sued for Going to Perez Hilton’s Birthday Party

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Two Illinois theaters are suing Jenna Jameson for failing to show at press appearances for her movie Zombie Strippers. (Seriously.) Jenna claimed that she had to miss the appearances – that she was being paid for – because she was sick, but the very same night she was photographed hanging out at Perez Hilton‘s birthday party in Los Angeles. In fact, this photo of Jenna was taken at that party! I got it from WENN, the photo service we use here at Crushable. It took me about four seconds to search for it. Oh, and here's the photo again in our recap of the event.

Jenna, didn't anyone ever teach you how to call in sick to work? Even if you're faking sick so you can go to the beach, you a) make sure there are no pictures and b) if there are pictures, make sure they don't end up on the internet where people can see them. Remember the story of Kevin Colvin? He lied to his boss about missing work and then posted pictures of himself at a costume party on Facebook, where his boss could see them. And have you ever heard of Perez Hilton doing something that wasn't being photographed and/or televised?

If those two Illinois theaters want to pay me ten grand plus airfare to come hang out and sign copies of my book, I'm there, even if I actually get sick.