In Which Jenna Dewan-Tatum Spends Half An Interview Talking About Channing’s Penis

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Jenna Dewan-Tatum Chelsea Lately June 2014

Jenna Dewan-Tatum recently stopped by Chelsea Lately for a chat, and obviously the conversation quickly turned to her husband's penis. Ugh, if I had a dollar for every time that exact thing has happened to me. One minute I'm talking to a friend about how hard last night's Final Jeopardy clue was, and the next minute BAM! We've been discussing Channing Tatum's penis for five minutes. Although I suppose it makes more sense for Jenna to talk about it since she's married to that penis and everything. And also to the man attached to it, I've heard.

It all starts when Jenna talks about going to an Indian spa in Vancouver where they scrub you down when you're completely naked. She went there with Channing, so he ended up being naked as well. And when men get naked typically their penises are visible. It's just a crazy thing that happens. Obviously it's Chelsea who gets the penis talk started. I'm fairly certain Chelsea has a penis quota to fill on every episode, with a producer shouting into her ear piece, “TALK MORE ABOUT PENISES! WE STILL HAVE TO SAY IT THREE MORE TIMES!” Chelsea's a consummate professional, so she gets those penis questions in there under the wire.

The conversation soon moves to a philosophical discussion of penises in general. The word “flopping” is used, as one would expect, and before you know it the video's reaching the three-minute mark and they've already spent half of it discussing male genitalia as it relates to Channing Tatum. It's like listening in on a production meeting for Magic Mike. I bet Channing was flipping channels, heard part of the conversation, and turned off the TV like, “Talking about my penis again? Ugh, that's so unoriginal.”