Jenelle Evans Is In Legal Trouble Again

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While it might be tough to crown her the queen of Teen Moms with legal troubles in light of Amber Portwood's jail time, Jenelle Evans does seem to be winning in the diversity of illegal acts category. She's had charges filled against her for harassment, been caught with drugs, and even video tapped beating a girl. Now she can add charges of cyber stalking to her rap sheet.

The Teen Mom 2 star's former boss filed cyber stalking charges against her this Friday. James Duffy has claimed she could see up to two months behind bars if convicted of bad-mouthing him on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites.

James isn't the only one with claims of on-line harassment however, Jenelle has already filled charges against him for making her cell number and address public knowledge by posting them online. James claims these charges are irrelevant since Jenelle was out of the house and using a new cell number before he posted them. That line of reasoning seems a little suspect; why post an out of use number and address, but the validity of that claim will have to be looked at in court.

Jenelle and Jame's finger pointing session is scheduled for March 23rd. James looks far from the innocent victim here, a forty-year-old man who was employing Jenelle as his personal assistant, he's admitted that he accidentally poisoned her one evening when he spiked her pasta with some Spanish scorpion. It was suppose to get her in the mood, but instead made her puke and pass out. Sounds like something lifted straight out of a Lifetime movie, and in this film James would not come out from a legal fight on top.

Whatever the outcome of this court date, Jenelle can add another unflattering headline to her scrapbook and has new fodder for her memoir.