Jenelle Evans’ Former Boss ‘Poisoned,’ Sexually Harassed, And Cyberstalked Her

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While looking up Jenelle Evans‘ quote about Leah Messer‘s rumored pregnancy, I stumbled into what exactly the Teen Mom 2 star has been up to since shooting wrapped… and it doesn't look pretty. Jenelle seems to be involved in two simultaneous feuds with ex-roommate Hannah Inman and (more seriously) ex-boss James Duffy.

Let me just say, the first I'd even heard of Hannah was a month ago, when Jenelle declared that Hannah would be helping her write her memoir. Despite the big hugs in that post's photo, as well as Jenelle tweeting Hannah Christian Inman fucking loves me more than you'll ever know, I'm actually not so surprised to hear that they've had a massive falling-out. Those kinds of uber-passionate female friendships unfortunately often devolve into jealous possessiveness and name-calling.

Another interesting facet is that Jenelle wouldn't have met Hannah if Jenelle hadn't been working as the personal assistant to 40-year-old James Duffy. Hannah was living with him at the time, when Jenelle would come over to his house to package and ship the guitar necks that he made and sold on eBay.

Duffy sounds like a run-of-the-mill creeper: He would invite Jenelle and her best friend Tori Killem over for dinner and free drinks. During these boozy meals with underage girls, he would brag about how he hadn't ever had sex with anyone over 25. Their business relationship abruptly ended when, Jenelle says, he offered “everything in the world to me ONLY IF i had sex with him” and she got out of there.

Somewhere in all that, Jenelle and Hannah broke up as friends because Hannah was always mooching off the MTV star. As Jenelle told Starcasm,

me and hannah are officially not friends anymore. she simply used me for money, fame, ciggs, food, a cell phone, etc. the reason i kicked her out was becuz she didnt get a job to help me with bills and invited random dudes to my house so she can have her way with them i guess… :/ other then that i told her to get her sh!t out, give me my phone back, and to please never speak to me again.

But when Jenelle went through the phone she'd given to Hannah, she found the girl talking shit about her. Then came a Twitter feud, though Hannah kept taking the higher ground with the old “I don't even care about this anymore, get a life” argument.

But wait, there's more. Remember those drunk dinners I mentioned above? Turns out Duffy took a bunch of photos and video of Jenelle and Tori horsing around drunk — and remember that Jenelle's on probation — which he posted to his Facebook. He also claimed to have text messages from Jenelle's old phone where she “thanked” him for having sex with her.

The most disturbing behavior, however, was what came later: Duffy allegedly poisoned the girls one night at dinner. He freely admitted that he had slipped some Spanish scorpion into their spaghetti as an aphrodisiac, but instead it made them vomit and black out. So many bad ideas here.

And finally, we come to the newest detail of this bizarre story: Duffy's threats against Jenelle got so bad as to be labeled cyberstalking. Although Jenelle's attorney wouldn't clarify what the threats had actually been, the definition of cyberstalking includes threats of bodily harm and death, as well as threatening one's family. Would it be too naive of me to believe that Jenelle pressed charges because Duffy threatened her son Jace?

Right now everyone's in a weird Mexican standoff, with Jenelle having filed charges against Duffy but also the subject of charges from Hannah… who claims she's not looking for fame but is just protecting herself against her former bestie. Wow.