Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Reportedly Ups Her Drug Ante From Pot To Heroin

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Jenelle Evans heroin addiction roommate Allison Lester Twitter Q&A pot Teen Mom 2 rumors true falseOn this week’s Teen Mom 2, I scoffed at the idea that Jenelle Evans could be so addicted to marijuana that she continually failed at staying clean per the terms of her probation. (I also had a few giggles about how much she idolizes Ke$ha, but anyway.) However, after hearing the latest rumors about her increased drug use, I’m looking at that footage with a fresh eye for Jenelle’s addictive personality.

Jenelle’s former roommate and bestie Allison Lester has been blabbing all over Twitter about how the teen mom is allegedly into heroin now. Earlier this week she started dropping bombs without much provocation, answering followers’ questions about when Jenelle started using. She claims that Jenelle started about a month after Allison moved out, adding, “that’s how she dropped weight so fast.”

First off, Allison clarified that she never indulged herself:

@KILLTHEGRAVITY she wasn't on h when I was there lost someone close to me to that and I don't do pills yeah I smoked weed occasionally

But interestingly, she doesn’t actually blame the drugs for Jenelle’s recent issues:

@emalee49440386 its her stupid income that has given her this false power trip and not the drugs that make her a dickhead

And then she almost defended Jenelle?

@emalee49440386 not being rude you don't know her and how she is or how she treats people so ur opinion is null and void.

Ultimately, Allison decided to cut herself off:

Done with the jenelle q and a. Its not how I am but fuck I had my moment I am human.

She also gave a strange reason for going through Twitter and not the tabloids that usually report on Teen Mom scandals:

As to why I didn't tabloid it up..tabloids are sick of her shitty life stories they want jenelle doing better ha and I don't need the money

Yeah, so Allison is all over the place, which means we’re not sure how seriously to take this. That said, it’s clear from watching the show that Jenelle has an addictive personality. And frankly, she’s looking a little scary in that twitpic.

Another woman who claims to have been in the hospital at the same time as Jenelle recently told RadarOnline that Jenelle was there for heroin withdrawal, not a ruptured cyst as she had claimed. But this source clearly isn’t willing to put her money where her Twitter handle is. So it could just be hangers-on stirring up unnecessary drama. Do you believe it?

Photo: @PBandJenelley_1