Jenelle Evans Has Entered Rehab In Her Next Step at Becoming the Lindsay Lohan of ‘Teen Mom’

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Teen Mom 2‘s first season ended on a low note for Jenelle Evans. By the end of the season, she had given up custody of her son Jace to her mom Barbara Evans rather than lose him altogether in a messy custody battle, shacked up with loser boyfriend Kieffer Delp, and been busted on drug charges. Once the season ended, Jenelle found herself in hot water again when her fistfight with friend Britany Truett ended up a viral web video, and both girls were arrested. In other words, Jenelle managed to be more of a trainwreck than original Teen Mom Amber Portwood, which is impressive.

Jenelle, who seems to be smart in spite of her horrible life decisions, is now trying to rehabilitate her image. First, she got all teary and remorseful on the Teen Mom 2 reunion hosted by Dr. Drew, and claimed that she was just acting out because she didn't get enough love and affection from her mother. Next up: rehab. Us Weekly reports that Jenelle has entered a treatment facility in Malibu (I'm going to guess she's at Promises, a well-known Malibu rehab popular with celebrities). If Jenelle is serious about getting help, then I think it's a great idea. However, I have two major issues with this story:

  • What is Jenelle addicted to? She smoked a lot of weed in her episodes, but I guess we can agree to disagree about whether a person can be addicted to that. However, Kieffer was busted on a cocaine charge, and I don't know if Jenelle was doing cocaine along with him. I've always thought from her generally bored and glassy-eyed expression that she was on downers/pills of some kind, but I guess she's not talking about it.
  • Why a treatment center in California, and not one closer to home? Malibu is pretty damn far from Oak Island, NC, where Jenelle lives. Rehab is pricey enough without adding things like plane fare to the bill. I suspect that Jenelle's choice of rehab center is all about proximity to LA/celebrity, and not at all about actually getting better so that she can regain custody of her son. Maybe I'm cynical, but if Leah and Corey's love isn't true, then nothing is.

My prediction? Jenelle will leave rehab after her minimum 28 days, give an exclusive interview to a tabloid – probably Us again, since they got the scoop about her being in rehab in the first place – along with a soft-focus photoshoot with Jace. She'll use a lot of therapy-speak to make it sound like she has healed herself and is enlightened, but not long after she'll be using again, or photographed dancing on top of a table at Teddy's or some other L.A. hotspot.