Jenelle Evans Has Been Arrested Again Surprising No One

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Jenelle, Jace's mom and Barbara's headache on Teen Mom 2 has been arrested yet again. At least she and her beloved Kieffer will have a shared experience to bond over.

Yesterday's arrest follows another last week. Both arrests were a result of Jenelle threatening her old roommate through phone calls and texts; contacting the roommate breaks a domestic violence protective order in effect. [tagbox tag= “teen mom 2”]

Jenelle's parade of arrests shouldn't be surprising to anyone who watches Teen Mom 2 or has ever seen the terrifying video of Jenelle attacking another girl that surfaced this summer (that resulted in probation). The teen seems incapable of making good choices (with the exception of handing over custody of Jace to her mom) or controlling her temper.

With all the time she's spent away from her son and all the run ins with the law she's had, Jenelle might have more mug shots then pictures of her and Jace. Whatever flaws the other three Teen Mom 2 girls have, they all seem to be attentive mothers, and perhaps worse than her rap sheet is the indifference Jenelle shows towards her kid.

Jenelle is currently out on bail but will have to go back to court on February 6th. Hopefully she can avoid being arrested until then.