These Videos Prove Why Jena Malone Would Be Perfect For Johanna Mason In Catching Fire

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Jena Malone Johanna Mason Catching Fire video Saved Sucker PunchJust like the rumors that Phillip Seymour Hoffman will play Plutarch Heavensbee in the Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, here's another casting rumor that I had never considered before but which makes so much sense it's not even funny. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Jena Malone is in the running to play Johanna Mason, the last living female victor from District 7 who gets reaped in the Third Quarter Quell along with Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, and the others.

If you thought that Glimmer and Clove were femme fatales in the first Hunger Games movie, get ready for Johanna. Her strategy is to act weak and then pick off her competitors one by one (usually with an axe). Katniss describes her as having a “wicked ability to murder.” Really, we need an actress who can go toe-to-toe with Jennifer Lawrence, since Johanna seems to single out Katniss as the main tribute to needle and even attack. Their first meeting, after all, is in the elevator when Johanna strips off her costume and stands there naked to get a rise out of the “pure” Katniss.

I think Jena has everything that Johanna needs: Brute force, sly cunning, and sex appeal. I wanted to find one video that encapsulates all of these, but instead I found three from Jena's career.

There's the role that made me first notice her spitfire personality, in the religious satire Saved!:

This little-known indie The Go-Getter has a scene where the main character, high on ecstasy, almost has sex with his middle-school crush. Even though she's playing much younger here, Jena handles herself well in an adult scene. (Watch it here.)

And her most recent role: Although Zack Snyder‘s Sucker Punch was mostly panned, Jena stood out as the tough, committed Rocket:

Better yet, it sounds as if Jena has at least auditioned! Though she's not on Twitter, Hunger Games fansites found an Instagram account under @jenamalone, where the actress allegedly tweeted a Catching Fire graphic and wrote a message asking for fans' support:

Jena Malone Johanna Mason Catching Fire Instagram @jenamalone audition

My only drawback would be that Jena is white. The fans seem pretty united that we should have more tributes of color in Catching Fire. A while ago it was being whispered that Cicely Tyson would play the old victor Mags, and many fans have pushed for Glee‘s Naya Rivera to take on the Johanna role. But if she were to pass, then Jena is the next best person I could see!

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