Jemma McKenzie Brown ‘It Hasn’t Sunk In Yet’

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What happens when a young British star finds out they landed a role in one of the biggest movies of the year? They run around the house screaming of course!! That’s exactly what Jemma McKenzie-Brown, who plays Tiara in High School Musical 3, did when she heard the good news.

I ran around the house screaming,” Jemma McKenzie-Brown said. “My grandma was like, ‘What’s wrong?’ I was like, ‘Nothing, nothing. I’m really excited!‘ ”

Jemma is an experienced actress and the call for the role came after months of auditioning. So not matter how experienced you are, finally finding out you got such a big role has got to feel good. Jemma is playing the role of Tiara Goal, a transfer student from England who becomes Sharpay’s personal assistant/ “mini-me” in the upcoming flick.

Was Jemma at all nervous when it came time to “rub elbows” with the HSM clan? Yeah, just a bit. She was a little nervous but she said that everyone made them feel very welcomed.

They incorporated us into everything they did,” McKenzie-Brown said. “If they were all hanging out in someone’s room, they’d ring us or text us, so it was really cool.

Jemma also says that the fact she is starring in HSM3 hasn’t really sunk in yet.

It’s just too huge. Everything is really surreal, and it hasn’t sunk in yet,” she said. “You have to take a step back and just think of what is actually going on. It’s crazy. It’s not something you ever imagine happening to you, so luckily it has. I’m really fortunate.

Image Source: MTV Canada

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