Can Someone Please Intervene On Selena Gomez And Her Bieber Addiction?

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Methinks it's time for someone in Selena Gomez‘s life to sit her down, look her straight in the eye, and ask her why she doesn't love herself.  I know it's tough holding down that “elegant princess” thing, and it's really hard getting over your first love.  But lots of young women throughout history have been able to successfully manage both of those things, so why shouldn't she?

Anyway, Jelena was spotted grabbing coffee and breakfast together yesterday in Texas.  Selena was in town for a concert and Justin Bieber was in town to cool his jets from that intense deposition in Miami earlier this week where they asked him, like, one mild question about his princess and he absolutely lost his shit.  So… breakfast date!  Nary an egg was thrown/tossed/crushed during the reunion, which is good, but I'm not sure how healthy it is that these two apparently just can't quit each other.

Selena Gomez has parents, right?  I mean I know she's an adult, but if we always jump to criticize Pattie Mallette and her delusional failings as a parent, I think it's only fair we ask about Selena's parents.  Obviously, she's not someone who's repeatedly in trouble with the law or being the world's most loathed douche bag, but she's someone who's repeatedly going back to the world's most loathed douche bag and has already spent time in rehab.  I don't know about you, but when I experienced tumultuous relationships with assholes in my early twenties, my dad was right there, in my face, telling me the harsh truth about it and assuring me I deserved better, because I was worth so much more than a shitty, one-sided relationship.  It's easy to blow off what your friends think and say, but it's pretty hard to ignore a parent's heartfelt advice.  Just my two cents.

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