‘Jeff Who Lives At Home’ Trailer: ‘Step Brothers’ For Hipsters

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Jeff Who Lives At Home is a movie about Jeff, played by Jason Segel, who's caught up in a sudden philosophical fever as he leaves his home in his mom's (Susan Sarandon) basement on a quest for wood glue. On his way to get the glue he bumps into his brother (Ed Helms). Wackiness (deep, meaningful, poignant wackiness) ensues. It looks like it will have all the brotherly love and hate of Step Brothers, with heartfelt lessons about life and love instead of ball jokes.

For those not familiar with the tropes of meaning-in-everyday life indie films, here's a quick rundown to decipher key moments in the trailer.

A man running to the sound of children's voices singing an indie rock melody means he's growing. You will never discover your true purpose in life unless you run as fast as you can down a suburban street to the sounds of Arcade Fire.

A man lying up and staring at the ceiling means he's doing some deep thinking. If he was sad he'd be wrapped in a comforter, and if he was mad he'd be staring at a dripping facet. This is a so-so thinking position.

A seemingly serious car accident that actually has no physical repercussions means one or more of the people in the car is going to take a stand. This explains why they aren't seriously injured, that would make the stand more difficult.

Overall Jeff Who Lives at Home looks less exciting then Jason's upcoming The Five Year Engagement, but still worth checking out.