JC Chasez Saved A Baby’s Life On New Year’s Day

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JC Chasez Saved A Baby s Life On New Year s Day 1262200457 jc lg jpg

There are a lot of ways former teen stars can show up in the news as adults, not all of them flattering,  but former ‘N Sync member JC Chasez has made the news this week in a good way; with some ocean-side heroics.

On New Year’s Day on a Miami beach JC noticed a beach umbrella tossed up the wind from a helicopter heading straight for a baby girl. Luckily he managed to stop the projectile before it could hit and injure  one-year-old Shirel.

JC and his girlfriend had been talking with the little girl’s family prior to the incident, and continued chatting after the rescue; the girl’s mother is from Italy and admitted she had no idea that JC was famous.

I hope this starts a trend of all former boy band members making a New Year’s resolution to fit in some heroics in 2012. A.J. McLean puts out an elementary school fire.  Drew Lachey lands a plane full of peace corp volunteers after the pilot’s heart attack. It would be so much better to see those headlines fill up next year’s retrospectives instead of scandals.