The Best Gift Kim Kardashian Gave Beyonce Was Not Signing Her Star-Studded Birthday Card

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Yesterday, the underground pop-indie singer Beyonce turned 31. But you probably didn't even notice. Her husband Jay-Z and her like to keep everything in their life low key. Like did you know she birthed a baby this year named Blue Ivy? Probably not. It's highly likely that you didn't even see any photos of Beyonce pregnant.

So that's why you may or may not have seen the star-studded birthday card she posted on her Tumblr yesterday. Everyone who's anyone in Hollywood signed it. Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Williams, Solange Knowles, Tupac, Tommy Pickles and the whale who played Willy in Free Willy.

Needless to say, the card's a little more impressive than the one you received this year from your family. (You know, the one where your Mom signs all your siblings' names in the same handwriting like you're not going to figure it out.  Or is that only my family?)

But now our old trouble-making friends at Hollywood Life are trying to pretend that the lack of Kim Kardashian's signature on this card proves that her and Beyonce are in a feud. While I fully believe that Jay-Z and Beyonce don't like Kim Kardashian (evidenced by this always-amazing GIF), I doubt they're in a feud.

A feud would mean that Beyonce cares about what Kim Kardashian thinks. Considering she's Beyonce and Kim's Kim, I highly doubt that.  I think we all know that Beyonce has her hands full caring for her career, her daughter, her husband and her secret surrogate.

Now Kim on the other hand has nothing but time. But I also doubt that she's using it to find ways to feud with Beyonce. Considering that the American public would never side with her in any fight, let alone one with Beyonce — I think Kim knows it's in her very best interest to not publicly do anything controversial. Such as making some kind of statement on Beyonce's birthday.

And that's why she didn't sign her birthday card. Signing it would remind Beyonce that she exists and that she doesn't like her. Not only would the thought of Kim Kardashian ruin Beyonce's birthday, but it would also draw attention away from Beyonce. Something that I think Beyonce would gladly murder someone over.

So it's in Kim's best interest to lay low when it comes to Beyonce. Give her time and give her space. Maybe one day Beyonce will acknowledge her presence. But until then, Kim's not signing any birthday cards. It's truly the the best gift she can give to Beyonce,  as well as herself.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)