Jay Z Took Public Transportation Again, And It Was Just As Awesome The Second Time

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Jay Z Timbaland and Chris Martin in London Tube on the way to their concert at the O2 ArenaIn a stunning display of being so famous that ordinary activities become extraordinary, Jay Z and his entourage took the Tube to their concert at the O2 Arena in London and everybody freaked. the eff. out. As well they should have, because if there's one person you don't expect to see on public transportation it's…anyone more famous than Michael Lohan. It's a surprisingly low bar, I know, but that's where I'm being told it's set.

Jay Z was also joined by similarly famous humans Timbaland and Chris Martin from Coldplay, which meant that they in turn had to be joined by a literal wall of bodyguards to keep the normals from pouncing on him as he traveled from Waterloo station to North Greenwich station via the Tube. And with that, we have promptly exhausted my entire knowledge of the London Underground. Except for the fact that they say ‘mind the gap'. And that Jay Z apparently did, because he arrived to his concert in one piece, with absolutely no pounce-age.

But look at him, just standing around in that Instagram, and strolling around like a normal in the station on that video. What a quaint ritual it is to ride around on that underground contraption like a peon instead of above the ground in a chariot fit for a celebrity! I appreciate the idea of him taking the train instead of a car service or a limo (OR A HOVERCRAFT!!!), but it kind of defeats the purpose because there's so much security around, right? And I'm betting it delayed the train and/or regular commuters just trying to go about their normal-person lives.

Jay is so famous that he really can't just ride the train like a normal person anymore, and I'd imagine it actually becomes less convenient. He has to have all those people around, and everything has to be carefully planned and timed so he doesn't get mobbed, and blah blah blah, just so they can get a couple of fun photo ops where they look like just a coupla regular guys. Plus we didn't even get an adorable video out of it like last time Jay rode the subway as a publicity stunt, because everyone was kept so far away from him. Whomp whomp.

(Image: Instagram)