Watch Jay Z Joke-Propose To Beyonce And Fall Right Back In Love With Them

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Jay Z proposing to Beyonce on Met Gala red carpet May 2014I'm gonna do my best to avoid all the ‘put a ring on it' jokes, but it's gonna be really hard you guys, because Jay Z re-proposed to Beyonce at the Met Ball last night.


Eeps. Sorry, that just slipped out. But I'm pretty sure it's out of my system now. Anyway, the two of them were in attendance at the Met Gala last night, which is theoretically the annual fundraising event to benefit the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute…but which ends up actually being an excuse for the fanciest and famousest of A-list butterflies to flutter around the red carpet in dresses and, like, ropes of diamonds worth more than a decade of my rent.

So naturally, the two of them were strolling around all a'glimmer, just basically making everyone feel so very lumpy and uninteresting, when suddenly one of Beyonce's rings dropped off her hand. I'm honestly surprised she even noticed, considering how draped in baubles everyone was, but given that it was probably the size of a pigeon egg, Jay Z spotted it and went to pick it up. And instead of just handing it back to his wife like a peon, he slipped it onto her finger and pretended like he was proposing to her.

SWOON. My heart! Bear in mind that this is an event that most celebrities stress about for months, and this couple is so stupid in love after six years of marriage that they're just having an intimate, adorable moment in front of everybody like there's no one else else there and they do it every day.

Juuuuust making everyone's hearts grow three sizes in their sequined gowns — LIKE YA DO.

(GIF: Jamie McCarthy / FilmMagic)