Jay-Z Is Lip-Synching His Song At A Museum For Six Hours Because He Is Art

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Jay-Z dances with woman at Pace Gallery during Picasso Baby filming July 2013I can't keep up with musical artists anymore. Kanye West thinks he's Jesus, Beyonce is pretty sure that Blue Ivy is royalty, and now Jay-Z seems to think he's literal art. Like, art personified. Put a museum case over him and stand in line to get a good look. He's currently spending his day at the Pace Gallery in New York, lip-synching to his own track ‘Picasso Baby' off of his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail. You know, as you do. To be fair, my first clue that Jay was getting a little full of himself should've been the fact that he named his album after the most sought-after object in the history of mankind, but WHATEVER, okay?! I'm not a goddamn detective, I'm just a medical doctor. (Okay I lied, I'm a blogger. You can [and should] stop taking medical advice from me, now.)

Now that all those parentheses are out of the way, let me get to the story. Jay is spending six hours down at the museum, filming himself lipsynching the track and interacting with fans and cameras. For now it's performance art, but ultimately it's been speculated that the footage will be turned into the music video for the song. Vines and Instagram videos have been popping up for it all day, with Jay surrounded by a tight group of people as he moves to the music and occasionally involves someone, singing to them or grasping their hands as he raps. Much like when Tilda Swinton slept in that box at the MoMA, Jay is effectively the star exhibit at this Gallery right now, which is an up-and-coming modern concept that I really hope doesn't take off.
I've said it before, but this whole family knows how to make. that. MONEY. Seriously, it's insane. Beyonce reveals her new tracks in ads for Pepsi or H&M, Jay announces his new album in a commercial for Samsung…they've got this down to a science. They barely put a plate on the table or a poop in the potty without making money off of it, and I'm equal parts repulsed and impressed. (Repulsed at my own inability to make money even at the things I'm good at, obvs, like eating cheese and elbowing people on the subway.)

Also before I leave you, can we all agree that Jay owes Blue an apology? I mean how wonky does he think her face is that he's calling her a Picasso Baby? Rude.

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