Jay Z Wanted To Cheat On Beyonce With LIV, And My Name Is Blanche Devereaux

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Jay Z Wanted to Cheat on Beyonce With LIV  And My Name is Blanche Devereaux Beyonce and Jay Z at Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Costume Institute Gala 2011 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art jpg

Siiiggghhh in the key of C. According to rapper and model and gal I’ve never heard of, LIV, Jay Z offered to cheat on Beyonce with her and she was classy enough to say no.

We’ve been down this Jay Z cheating on Beyonce path before haven’t we, boys and girls?

I just don’t buy it. Jay and Bey have the best relationship. I wake up every day knowing I’m living in a Jay and Bey world. And I sleep better at night knowing that my future children will wake up in a Jay and Bey world. The nicknames “Jay” and “Bey” even match visually and would look great on cocktail napkins together. That’s how you KNOW it’s something lasting and real.

And to think that Jay would sacrifice the GIFT that is Beyonce for some up and coming rapper? I think not.

If you watch the interview (below), LIV describes having passed on many “opportunities” in the hip hop world to get ahead via sex. If that’s true, I applaud her, but she’s acting like she has a poon made of the golden fleece. Apparently everyone and their mother has hit on her.

Let me just clarify something a propos of nothing. When the barista at Starbucks calls out your name, it’s just indicating that your order is ready – no one is reaching climax at the thought of you. Just… thought I should clear that up in case anyone had any grandiose thoughts to the contrary.

Here’s where I land. If someone did proposition you and you said no because you have respect for their wife, then how about you carry that courtesy a little further and not mention it on a radio interview? Sleeping with a married dude and publicly announcing he wanted to sleep with you sort of amounts to the same harm to the relationship.

So thanks for NO favors here LIV. Now I have to wrestle with this all day. I don’t believe it, but I have to wrestle with it because you put it out there. It’s like finding out a bag I never liked in the first place is 50% off at Saks. I have to at least consider the possibility of buying it now and that inconveniences me. I may even have to go for a run to wrap my head around this accusation. Thanks a lot. I hate running.

Also can we please note that according to the article, LIV’s name is pronounced like “live.” But note how these radio DJ’s pronounce it like Liv Tyler’s name the whole time. And yet they talk about her like she’s really made it in the music world. Nothing says fame like a mispronounced first name. Oh! That rhymed! Maybe LIV can use it in her next big song about Obama hitting on her because that’s all I need right now.

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