Jay-Z Misses An Entrance In His Own Show And Beyonce Has To Cover For Him

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I don't think I'm alone when I say that my secret dream is to be so famous that people will not only not mind if I interrupt a Jay-Z concert, but they'll actually go crazy cheering. That's the kind of fame Beyonce encountered at Jay's final (of eight) concert at the newly-opened Barclay's Center in Brooklyn last night. She came out to perform her own song, Diva, and then he came back onstage to join her for Crazy In Love, and then they also closed the show together. More on that later. For now, let's talk about the way she came onstage for Diva, because I'm obsessed. It was perfect. He didn't introduce her, just said, “We just gettin' started” and played the beginning of her song while she did a slow, backlit walk out of a smoke-filled doorway. Everybody there was like, “I wonder who this sexy silhouette of a lady is who's walking out to Beyonce's song! I hope it's the mother of Jay-Z's baby, but I don't want to get my hopes up.” But then it was! It was Beyonce!

Some people just have better lives than I do. You're married to a guy who can do eight concerts in a row, and you can also just jump onstage with him any time and sing any one of your vast catalogue of hits, and the audience loves both of you. That's just not fair. And I think the universe knows it and was trying to give me some small comeuppance, because Jay-Z missed an entrance and all of his fans left in disgust!


…no, that's not what happened. He was like…five seconds late for the rap part in Crazy In Love, but Beyonce was still onstage so nobody cared and he came on anyway and they laughed about it because they're adorable and oh my god it's so not fair. (I went to college, so there's no way that's a run-on sentence, don't worry.) They also closed the show together, with a performance of Young Forever. Ugh. These two are so attractive and talented that I'm honestly pretty offended. That said, I wish they'd Skyped me or something to let me know they were both gonna be there, so I could've pretended I had money for a ticket.

Some people are just rude.

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