This .Gif Of Jay-Z Awkwardly Not Hugging Kim Kardashian Is Amazing

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We didn't watch last night's BET Awards because we figured it's more TheGloss' domain, what with the best and worst dressed of the red carpet. But we should've considered that since honorees included Jay-Z and Kanye West, drama would go down. Last week we wondered over how Kim Kardashian managed to actually become friends with Beyonce even though compared to the other three, Kim is like Eliza Doolittle in the beginning of My Fair Lady. Except, utterly unredeemable.

Well, Kim continues to hang on to Kanye's arm and appear with their famous couple friends, such as last night at the BET Awards. I'm assuming that this .gif came from when the guys won Best Group for their Watch the Throne collaboration. Watch how Kanye kisses Kim and turns to hug Bey, but instead of trading significant others after hugging his wife, Jay-Z just stands there awkwardly. Could it be any clearer that he has no desire to touch an inch of Kim Kardashian?

Jay-Z awkward not hug Kim Kardashian Kanye West wipe mouth BET Awards Beyonce wtf .gif

I love how Kim doesn't make a big deal, just nods politely and accepts Jay-Z's halfhearted arm-around-the-waist consolation prize as he passes. Because she knows she'll never be on their level. But then, to add insult to injury, did you notice how Kanye wiped his mouth after kissing Kim? You almost feel sorry for her. Maybe Jay-Z did, because as Kanye went to do his acceptance speech, Hova grabbed the mic and said, “Excuse me Kanye, I'mma let you finish, but…” That, or he owed Taylor Swift one.

.gif: @twitney