Did Blue Ivy Inspire Jay-Z To Write New Music For The Annie Remake Starring Willow Smith?

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Willow Smith Annie remake Jay-Z music "Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem" Blue IvyWill Smith is dedicated to making sure the Annie remake he's producing will be a wholly unique take on the beloved Broadway musical starring a redheaded orphan who warbles about “Tomorrow.” He recently told Good Morning America that yes, his outrageously busy daughter Willow Smith is still playing Annie, and Emma Thompson will be writing the script. But the best news is that Jay-Z is in charge of music for the movie (set in modern-day New York) and will be writing a few new tracks.

Of course this makes perfect sense, since as a Millennial one Jay-Z song I've always known is “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” from my Now 2 CD. As you probably know, he sampled the orphans' squeaky song for this 1999 single and added a layer of gravitas to the already grim song.

I wouldn't be surprised if it were baby Blue Ivy who inspired Jay to join up for this long-gestating remake. After all, within days of her birth he'd already sampled her cries to mix into his track “Glory.” As a new father, of course he'd have a soft spot for the tale of Annie melting Daddy Warbuck's icy heart.

But the most pertinent question is, will Willow Smith keep her current short hair to match Annie's original red bob, or will she have grown it back out/gotten a weave so she can whip her hair back and forth? I'm totally serious, I could actually envision the Annie of 2012 doing just that.

Photo: Ace Showbiz