Watch The Adorable Video Where Jay-Z Lies To An Old Lady On The Subway About Not Being Famous

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Last night Jay-Z released Where I'm From: JAY-Z Barclays Center Documentary, a 24-minute documentary on Youtube that gives a behind-the-scenes look at his 8-night concert in Brooklyn earlier this year. Think Les Miserables meets the bathroom line at a theater after a 3-hour film lets out and you have a pretty good idea of what happens in these 24 minutes.

As one of the 4 New Yorkers who didn't make it to the Chanukah-length event, I'm still bitter whenever I hear people talking about it. However there's a brief snippet in this documentary that makes me feel a little bit better about missing it. Or not so much feel better about missing it, but rather feel better about being able to hear Jay-Z's name without experiencing irrational flashes of envy.

On the 8th night of the concert, he rides the subway to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Even multimillionaire celebrities are on a budget I guess. Or they're masochists. I don't know. I have yet to make my first million so I can't speak for them, yet. While he waits for the subway to arrive at the station, tons of fans start snapping photos of him. You know, so they can have proof at the bar later when they're nonchalantly telling all their friends who they saw on the subway.

“Ugh, the subway was packed today,” they can say casually as they drink from a pitcher of warm budlight, “I think it might be because Jay-Z was there. Or I heard there doing construction. Who knows? Whatever right, celebs are so last year.”

After Jay-Z made it onto the subway, he plops down next to an older lady who asks if he's famous. Because it's either that or he has something very embarrassing on his face, no other way to explain the cameras. He replies modestly. Like very modestly. Doesn't even name drop Blue Ivy.

Now I kinda love him. And the old lady. I will have dinner with them both this week, if they're interested. Beyonce can come too, but she can't talk. This dinner isn't about her, it's about myself, Jay-Z and my wise new friend, Lady on the Subway.

Check it out at 19:00.

UPDATE: Word on the street is that this woman's New York artist Ellen Grossman. So she's in the world of art too and she also has a reputation for being awesome.