6-Year-Old Drummer Jaxon Smith Is Already More Talented Than You…And Probably Cuter

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Want to see an awesome little kid rock out to classic songs on the drums? Well, look no further than the super talented Jaxon Smith. The 6-year-old superstar is already making a name for himself on Youtube as a video of him drumming Foo Fighter's Pretender” is going viral. What's the most impressive thing you do in first grade? Probably learn to tie your shoes. Sorry, Jaxon's certainly already more talented than you.

Damn Youtube for constantly reminding us that there are young kids who are better than us!

And it only gets more impressive when you find out that he was born as a 1-pound preemie. His father added the following comment to the video recently:

Glad to see JAXON putting a smile on so many peoples faces this weekend. 125,000 views in 2 days is quite something. JAX is a normal kid who had a very un-normal start to life. Born at 1 pound in 2005. Now you'd never know. Rock on.

For a kid who probably had a pretty tough start to his life, he's sure showing just how kickass he is by playing those drums like a natural.

Here are a few more of his videos: