Jason Sudeikis Brought A GIF To Share On Seth Meyers’ Show, Because Clips Are So Last Year

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Jason Sudeikis Seth Meyers March 2014

Last night Jason Sudeikis officially welcomed us to the 21st century by bringing a GIF to share on Late Night with Seth Meyers instead of your typical video clip. Haven't you heard? GIFs are the way of the future. It's only a matter of time before we start communicating exclusively through reaction GIFs and nothing else. And before you ask, that GIF up there is not the one Jason showed. That's a GIF of him on the show. If that had been the GIF he'd shown, it would be like one of those infinite photo-in-a-photo things. Those things give me nightmares, so I'm glad that's not the case.

The whole purpose of a GIF is for busy people to experience the Internet in seconds-long pieces without having to press play on anything. Unfortunately Jason kind of defeats that purpose by telling a story to lead into the GIF. But fortunately, it's a funny story that he tells in a cute way. He also pronounces GIF with a hard G sound, which is how I often pronounce it, and which also apparently happens to be incorrect. I'm not the only one left! GIF with a G sayers unite!

In case you don't have over time right now to watch Jason explain the inside joke behind the GIF (even though it's cute and you really should), allow me to give you an overview. Jason presented the live action short film category at the Oscars, and he was nervous about pronouncing the foreign names. He and his fiancée Olivia Wilde joked that it would be great for “Helium” to win, because that was easy to pronounce. When it did, he and Olivia had a cute couple moment between the stage and the audience, and the GIF depicts Jason's reaction to Olivia's laughter. Now go forth to four minutes in and enjoy.

(GIF: Tumblr)