Jason Sudeikis’ Story About Being Mistaken For Ed Helms Takes A Weird Turn

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Jason Sudeikis  Story About Being Mistaken for Ed Helms Takes a Weird Turn Jason Sudeikis Conan March 2016 jpg

Jason Sudeikis was a guest on Conan this week, and one of the things they discussed was how often Jason is mistaken for Ed Helms, star of The Office and The Hangover. Jason says he’s lucky to be mistaken for “a really nice, funny, smart guy,” and not, well, the opposite of that. He shares a story about one time he was mistaken for Ed at a White House Correspondents Dinner after-party, when a “young gal and her father” came up to him and asked for a picture. Then at the end of the story things take a weird turn.

Jason says he often introduces himself to the people who approach him, and sometimes he gets a response to hearing his name that shows the person was definitely thinking he was someone else — probably Ed. That’s what happened in this case, except the girl said she was fine with it because, as she said, “You look enough like him.” Then later in the party she came back and asked him for another picture, because, as she said, “I know who you are now.” So was she going to post one picture with the caption “I met Ed Helms” and the other with the caption “I met Jason Sudeikis”? Like how does that work?

But that’s not even the weirdest part of the story. The weirdest part comes when Jason says he saw the girl showing her father the picture, and the father patted her on the butt. There’s this really awkward moment where I’m pretty sure both the audience and Conan think that Jason just told a really roundabout incest story before he quickly clarifies, “It wasn’t her father. It was never her father. It was just an age-inappropriate relationship.” Well, Jason mistakes boyfriends for fathers, and people mistake Jason for Ed Helms. It’s all even, I guess.