Watch A Young Jason Segel Play A Crazy Ex-Boyfriend On Undeclared

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If you're like the rest of the women in America who harbor a huge crush on the not-hot-but-oh-so-cute Jason Segel, then you're in for a treat this afternoon. Turns out America's Sweetheart played Lizzie Exley's obsessive boyfriend, Eric, on the short- lived Judd Apatow show Undeclared.

While long time Jason Segel fans probably already know this and they probably already watch this video every single day, I had no idea until someone mentioned it yesterday. I immediately rushed to my computer and googled it, delighted to find out that clips of him from the show do exist online.

And man oh man does he look different! Much more like a recurring character than a leading man. Which I suppose is why he played a recurring character in 2001 and not a leading man. I never watched the show so this is my first time actually seeing him play Eric, a copy shop owner who doesn't handle his break-up with his girlfriend well.

While I hate to look at his face with all that unfortunate facial hair, I love seeing him so vulnerable. We've all been there. Curled up in a ball and crying over an ex. We probably all haven't done it in the dorm bathrooms, but to each his break-up own.