10 Reasons Why We Should All Help Jason Segel Reach One Million Followers On Twitter

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Early this morning the ever-so-darling Jason Segel announced on Twitter that he was just three thousand people away from reaching one million followers! But of course he said this in his Jason Segel sort of way which was:

Holy Moly guys, in less than 3000 people we'll hit 1 million followers. The most of anyone on twitter!! When it happens we should celebrate.

Of course, he's kidding with us! Lots of people have one million or more followers. For example that guy Chris Brown has over eight million followers — for reasons I don't know why. So if someone like Chris Brown who is loved as much as he's hated can have that many, why can't someone like Jason Segel, who's all love, get at least one million followers? It should be as easy as pie! Here are 10 reasons why you should follow him, if you aren't already.

10. He got naked in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Normally nudity doesn't mean you should follow someone on Twitter, but any man who doesn't have the toned abs of Ryan Gosling who gets naked on film should get some sort of badge of courage.

9. He was in Freaks and Geeks. Never seen it? Well put it on your list. James Franco is also in it for those of you who are a sucker for him.

8. He's not into that whole Hollywood ego bullshit thing. As he told the LA Times: Everyone's waiting for the moment where I turn into a [jerk], and it's not gonna happen.”

7. He went on a date with a fan. After Chelsea Gill posted this video on YouTube, Jason took both she and her twin sister out for drinks then to the Chicago Film Critic Awards. So sweet!

6. He co-wrote and starred in The Muppets. Being of the generation that grew up with Kermit and the gang, he felt it was time to make another movie. And it was time, and it was great.

5. Thanks to his role in I Love You, Man with Paul Rudd, “slapping the bass” is now one of those lines that never gets old. It also gets brought out at almost every karaoke bar at least a few times a night.

4. He believes the Muppets are far more than puppets. As he explained once: “They'e not puppets. We never use the word puppet because Kermit is a frog, Piggy is a pig. They exist in the world, like we do.”

3. He's really grateful and thankful as you'll see once you start following him on Twitter: “On my way to Boston for the week. I'm getting the Hasty Pudding award at Harvard. My whole family is coming. I'm very excited and grateful.”

2. He's really funny in the self-deprecating way that makes you want to squeeze him: “I speak for anyone who cares to follow me that I respect you enough to never retweet the phrase ‘can I get a retweet.' Please retweet.”

1. And the number one reason? There's a good chance he's going to be the James Stewart of this generation. He's darling, honest, real, and devilishly handsome because of his charm and down-to-earth ways.

I think I've pointed out the major facts, now the rest is up to you.