Jason Segel And Michelle Williams Continue To Be The Cutest Couple Ever

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While hearing about most celebrity romances make me even more jaded and even more cynical than I already am, hearing about Jason Segel and Michelle Williams makes my heart grow 3 sizes.  Their budding relationship makes me believe in love again. It also makes me believe that I have a bigger chance of running into Jason in Brooklyn. (Fingers always crossed.)

This week, OMG! Yahoo reports:

After taping his segment on the talk show, The Five-Year Engagement actor, 32, was spotting holding his iPhone with pictures of Williams, 31, taped on the back. The phrase “I love you” was written next to the photos.

Can we all collectively say, “awww.”  Also can we all collectively mail Jason Segel instructions on how to make that photo his phone background so he doesn't have to worry about it becoming untaped? I would hate for that to fall off and for a rando to pick it up and tape it to the back of his phone. Nothing says creepy quite like pretending that Michelle Williams loves you.

Now that that they're officially in love, we have nothing left to do except for come up with a quality nickname.

Jachelle jumps to my mind first. But there's also Michon (pronounced mission), Jish, See-Will, Will.I.Egel (pronounced eagle) and Jason-Segal-and-Michelle-Williams-Sitting-in-a-Tree. We don't have to choose right away, but we should start narrowing down our options soon.

If they're already saying the big L word, the big E (ngagement) word could be any day now. Here's to hoping Jachelle delivers Matilda a little brother or sister by 2014ish.

(Photo: OMG! Yahoo)