Jason Segel Tells Jon Stewart His Idea For A Post-Apocalyptic How I Met Your Mother Ending

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Jason Segel How I Met Your Mother ending post-apocalyptic Jon StewartDoes it ever get ridiculous that Jason Segel is smart, talented, humble, and funny? No, it doesn't. The Five Year Engagement star stopped by The Daily Show in New York City recently to chat with Jon Stewart about his new movie and how he goes home from the How I Met Your Mother set to write instead of doing blow and partying like the rest of Hollywood.

The mention of the TV show that's helped boost Jason's fame had Jon Stewart asking the question everyone else wants to know: How did Ted meet The Mother?! Even though we now know that Ted definitely meets The Mother by 2015, we still appreciate Jason's sci-fi take on how the series should go out with a bang in the next few seasons. He told Jon Stewart that creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas haven't revealed to the cast the series' big reveal, but there's definitely been some back-and-forth over one of modern TV's best-kept secrets:

“I have no idea. I do kind of think at some point we're gonna be like in our mid-fifties and he should probably meet The Mother, or it's gonna get weird, it's gonna get sad…

“I pitched a story to them that they thought was ridiculous: I thought in the final episode it should be like, ‘That's how I met your mother.' And then the windows should open — because it's the future — and it should be, like, a post-apocalyptic war. [making explosion noises] But they… they thought that was not romantic.”

What's especially cute about this anecdote is that it sounds exactly like something that Nessie-obsessed Marshall would think up. And considering that so much of the show is about how you envision your future, I could totally see this sequence making it into a future episode as Marshall and the gang guess at what Ted's future could hold. I can't embed the Daily Show video, but you can check it out here.

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