Video: Jason Segel Gets Adorably Choked Up Helping A Guy Propose To His Girlfriend

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Jason Segel helps guy propose to girlfriend The Five Year Engagement Stephen Lawlor Erin Evans Dublin premiere

I know this happened a few weeks ago, but this video just popped up on Reddit's How I Met Your Mother subreddit, and I just couldn't resist posting it! While promoting his film The Five Year Engagement in Dublin a few weeks back, Jason Segel got roped into a special, elaborate surprise. A sweet guy named Stephen Lawlor wanted to propose to his girlfriend, so he arranged with local radio station 98FM for his lady Erin Evans to win two tickets to the premiere. Then Stephen hid backstage while Jason called Erin up on the stage for a hug from him and then the even bigger surprise.

The video below is so cute: It starts with Jason and Stephen going over their game plan like two buddies, and then goes into the proposal itself. You have to hand it to Stephen for having a great sense of humor in such a nerve-wracking, painfully public situation: When he first pops the question, he jokingly adds, “It's OK, that's why I kept it intimate with just you and me, and a movie star, and a couple hundred strangers.”

Make sure you stick through at least to 3:30, when Jason's face just lights up while Stephen gives Erin the typical “I love you so much” speech. Could be that Jason is thinking of his ladylove Michelle Williams… or more likely, he's just the kind of guy who gets so jazzed to see two people in love. What a guy!

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