Speaking Of Fake Relationships, Meet Cameron Diaz And Jason Segel

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Speaking Of Fake Relationships  Meet Cameron Diaz And Jason Segel Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz attending MTV Movie Awards June 2011 jpgGuys, I feel like I might have exciting wizarding powers because A. I can see myself at Hogwarts and B. sometimes I predict the future. Just yesterday, I wrote a post about the ten funniest celebrity fake relationships, and now today we have a new fake-lationship to add to the roster. Please welcome to the stage…Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz!

You know, just a totally normal couple, totally well-suited for each other, absolutely not trying to sell their upcoming movie that they’re about to start filming, Sex Tape, in which they play a married couple whose sex tape goes missing. According to Jason:

“It is R-rated. And I’m not in shape for no reason.”

So he’s apparently lost a ton of weight for the role, but gained about ninety blonde pounds of it back, Cameron Diaz. The two were seen out to dinner together in East Hampton, New York on Tuesday night:

“They were at [upscale eatery] Nick and Toni’s and seemed to be on a date.”

Let’s hold up for a second — didn’t Cameron date Justin Timberlake, and didn’t Jason date Michelle Williams? These people are by no means stand-ins for each other. We are going waaaayyy off-type here. I don’t want to sound rash, but I’m almost positive there’s no way this is the real deal. Especially because dinner wasn’t the only sighting of the two of them; they were also seen shopping at Citarella food market in the area:

“They bought groceries and then drove off together.”

WHAT. Wait WHAT. You publicists just tried this move on us with Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco, and it didn’t work then, either. Lay off it with the casual grocery shopping sightings and let’s admit that these two are either still just friends from doing Bad Teacher together in 2011 or completely and utterly faking it.

(Image: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com)