Jason Segel Outed By Fellow AA Member — That’s Why They Call It Anonymous, Right?

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Jason Segel at This Is 40 Premiere December 2012 gray suit white shirt no tieThere's a little more information rumors coming through the pipeline as to what may have contributed to the Jason Segel and Michelle Williams break-up, and if you believe the tabloids, it sounds like it might be alcoholism. Michelle and Jason ended their relationship in February after just under a year together, and at the time it was suggested that the split was due to distance and commitment issues. After all, Jason lives in LA to film his show How I Met Your Mother, and Michelle lives in Brooklyn with her daughter, Matilda; it wasn't a huge reach to imagine their different locations being an insurmountable obstacle. That said, this addd layer of alcoholism makes sense as well. It's something that had been rumored in blind gossip for a while, and particularly based on the way that Heath Ledger died, I can imagine it being something Michelle would have very little patience for. Jason apparently attended his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on March 2nd, where he spoke about his addiction, said he'd been sober for almost two weeks, and listened to others describe their struggles.

Here's the thing. As shocking as it might be to hear about this from someone as beloved as Jason, addiction is an all-too-common disease in the world. It takes an immense amount of discipline and self-evaluation to overcome, and you have to respect anyone who begins that incredibly difficult and private process. So that said, whoever sold the story to Radar Online should be seriously ashamed of themselves. People go into those meetings assuming that they can trust the people there, and anyone who makes that process any more difficult is extremely selfish. Think of how difficult it would be as a normal, non-celebrity to go to your first meeting, and then amplify that by ten thousand. That's what Jason Segel is up against, and whoever it is who blew his cover and — inadvertently or otherwise — put more obstacles in his way, should think really hard about the meaning behind Alcoholics Anonymous.

I say good for you, Jason. Good for you for taking that first step, if these rumors are true, and taking care of yourself. I wish other people would do the same, because it's none of our business.

…said the celebrity blogger. Sheesh.

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