Jason Biggs Is In The Midst Of A Misogynistic Twitter Meltdown Triggered By The Bachelor

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I don't know what's going on with Jason Biggs right now, but the premiere episode of The Bachelor last night seems to have triggered something in his psyche that compels him to tweet out deeply insulting things about the show's female contestants.

He started out with two pretty standard tweets about the show, saying it was a dentist's wet dream — which I commented on in my recap as well, dazzled by the shiny white teeth arrayed before me — and making a fairly harmless joke about Juan Pablo Galavis‘ daughter Camila already being slated for the next Bachelorette. Stuff that's funny if you watch the show. But then things took a seriously abrupt turn, with him taking personal digs at the physical appearances of the women on the show. It was like he took one extra sip of wine on his couch and suddenly turned from catty to cruel.


And then from cruel to downright unbelievable.

Um…seriously? I can't even believe that last one.

He's been called out by a lot of people, from his own followers to fellow celebrities — most notably Michael Ian Black, who unfollowed him. Which I know because Jason retweeted MIB's tweet saying so. And things only escalated from there.



Some people have pointed out that this could be a PR stunt, since Michael works on Burning Lovea show that parodies The Bachelor, but even if that's true, it's no excuse to target the women on the show as he did. I don't know what's going on with Jason, or why he feels entitled to make such shocking, inappropriate statements about a buncha people who are presumably just looking for love, but I wish he'd consider their feelings and go back to being only marginally (and quietly) famous.