Jason Biggs Proves He’s King Of ‘Too Soon’ With Unfunny Tweets About Malaysia Airlines

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Jason Biggs attending premiere of Orange Is The New Black season two May 2014If you'd told me that one person from American Pie would end up as an internet-trolling douchebag, I don't think Jason Biggs would have made my top ten picks. And yet there he was, dishing out tweets about the downed Malaysia Airlines plane just over an hour after it disappeared from radar.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the drivel that comes out of Jason's mouth computer keys anymore, given his misogynistic tirade about The Bachelor and the fact that his wife Jenny Mollen thought a suitable birthday present for him would be the vagina of another woman, but Jason never ceases to amaze.

Upon hearing that nearly three hundred people died tragically when a plane crashed in the Ukraine today, Jason cheerfully took to his Twitter and churned out this gem:

You know, because this isn't the first plane-load of people from this airline that's lost their lives this year! Get it? Of course you do, because it's a baseline joke, not even vaguely funny. It's just Jason trying and succeeding at being an unsympathetic dick who's more interested in riling up people on Twitter than thinking of an actual amusing and / or respectful thing to say.

Or if being respectful is too much to ask, he could've even just ignored it and kept on posting his own dumb stuff. That would've been better than this. But don't worry! There's more! In between scolding people for being offended by his tweet and retweeting people who weren't, he also took on TMZ:

Alright yes, hello, we see you, Jason Biggs. Great work making this about you. Honestly, you can tweet about offensive shit as much as you want — my only request is that you make it at least marginally funny so it's not quite so transparent that you're only doing it to be controversial.

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