Video: Jason Biggs Gets Down And Dirty In His Magic Mike Audition Tape

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A recently released Magic Mike “audition tape” shows what great, uh, lengths Jason Biggs was willing to go to to steal Matthew McConaughey‘s role in the film. And after watching it, I can't help wishing he'd been given at least a small part. After all, some women are more into doughy, pale guys than tanned beefcakes, and you can't say he doesn't commit.

He starts off by reading some of Dallas‘ lines, and I daresay he does an even better job than the shirtless devil himself. But the real treat comes around 2:50 when the “casting director” (perhaps his wife, Jenny Mollen?) says “let's see how you move” and he does a sensual strip tease to Ginuwine‘s “My Pony” that ends with Jason in nothing but a thong. Can you say H-O-T-T?

Of course, it's not a real audition tape, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't really posted to Youtube by “JasonBiggsAssistant.” But who cares when you've got all that tantalizing man meat up in your face? Sure, Biggs might not be buff like Channing Tatum, but his sense of humor charms me every time.

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