Jason Bateman And Will Arnett Are Friends In Real Life, No Word On If They Think Franklin’s A 3rd Wheel

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Last night Jason Bateman went on The Late Show with Dave Letterman to talk about Arrested Development. Not to throw out a cliched line, but its literally the final countdown. The show premieres in t-minus 3 days and we're spending all of those 3 days watching and reading and listening to every single Arrested thing that we can get our hands on right now. While all of it's genius, some of it's more genius than others. And some of it's just straight up designed to pull at the ole heartstrings. Such as Jason Bateman talking about how he and Will Arnett are friends in real life. True hermanos.

Does anyone else catch a case of the warm and fuzzies when you hear about cast members from TV shows hanging out in real life? For some reason, it really just does it for me. That and dogs in pajamas are the two things that make me drop my cynical asshole card at the door. (On the other hand, awkward Friends reunions make me order even more cards.)

Jason doesn't go into detail on how often he and Will get together and braid each other's hair, but he does say that they're friendly enough that they decided to stop by the traveling banana stand in Times Square last week. And that they ended up in the middle of a bunch of never-nudes who asked them to pose with bananas. Just another normal day when you're an actor from Arrested Development. They're probably so used to men in cut-offs approaching them to take photos that they don't even notice anymore. It's like brushing your teeth, just another routine part of the day.

You can watch his whole interview right here (skip to 25:00) and then join me as I fantasize about all the wonderful activities he and Will do together. They seem like the kind of guys who would go on fishing trips, right? Or maybe they're more into bowling? Or maybe, just maybe, they sit around and just run through Gob and Michael scenes.