Michael Bluth And George Michael Standing In The Model Home Means We Can Finally Believe That The Arrested Development Movie Is Happening

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Jason Bateman Michael Cera Arrested Development model home photos Michael Bluth George Michael

Those silly Olympics this weekend! All the spandex and feats of human strength distracted from something much more vital to our existence: The latest news from the Arrested Development set. See, it's easy to be wary of fickle networks and not actually buy that the sitcom is coming back; after all, the only evidence we've seen so far is a shot of the writers' room and the script for Michael Bluth‘s episode. But then on Saturday, Jason Bateman brought us a wonderful gift: These twitpics of him and co-star Michael Cera goofing around in the model home! (Bateman's tweet included the caption My son, arriving yesterday. Cera's even in costume as George Michael, aww.)

You can't bring back Arrested Development without the model home. It'd be like if they just forgot to cast Annyong or dig out the Franklin puppet. (Guys…?) Still, it's crazy to imagine that the studio is slowly rebuilding this set. It reminds me of when Fox struck the Firefly set after the show got cancelled in 2002, only for Universal to rebuild the entire frakking ship come 2005 while filming Serenity. SMH, you guys. Of course, by the end of Arrested Development‘s third season, the model home was falling apart at the seams; you'll remember that when George Michael and Maeby kissed, the ground opened up beneath them. So I'll be curious to see how the writers explain away a functioning (or, as functioning as a model can be) house.

Over the weekend weekend, I caught Juno on TV; I had forgotten that Bateman and Cera are both in it! Though they never once interact, there is a brief moment when Juno's gushing about how cool adoptive dad Mark is and Bleeker asks, “Who's Mark?” It's a quick little Easter egg that tickles you to see… but it's nothing compared to this.

Jason Bateman Michael Cera Arrested Development model home photos Michael Bluth George Michael

Yep, that's Lucille's apartment, the site of the “You're Killing Me, Buster” party and most of the Bluths' boozy attempts at interventions or actually tracking down George Sr. A grandson, looking for his Gangee, Bateman tweeted, and my stomach did happy flips of joy.

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