10 Lesser Known Facts About Jason Bateman, In Honor Of His 44th Birthday

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horrible bosses premiere 3 200711Happy 44th birthday to Jason Bateman, star of the glorious Arrested Developmentand also my frequent best friend fantasies. If you're a trendy sort of person, you're aware of Jason because of his work on AD, but if you're another (read: older) sort of person, you might remember him from some other stuff, too. See, cause Jason didn't just pop up on the scene in the early 2000s. In fact, he'd been around since the 1980s, just pickin' up parts and chuggin' along. Feel like catching up on what your boy was up to before you became aware of him? Well here are ten lesser known facts about Mr. Bateman. Enjoy.

1. He has a daughter named Maple. And another one named Francesca, but Maple's the name that really caught my eye.

2. He was a child star. He started out on Little House On The Prairie by the time he was twelve, and also went on to star on Silver Spoons and The Hogan Family.

3. Annnnnd went on to become a teen idol, too. He ultimately went on to star in Teen Wolf Too. Get your head around it.

4. He became the Directors Guild of America's youngest-ever director when he helmed three episodes of The Hogan Family at age eighteen.

5. He is married to Amanda Anka, who is the daughter of Paul Anka.

6. He struggled with drug and alcohol addiction through the 90s, a period he describes by saying, “It was like Risky Business for ten years.”

7. He and Jennifer Aniston have known each other since they were in their early twenties, having met on a group skiing trip to Aspen.

8. He underwent throat surgery in 2005 to remove a benign polyp.

9. In 1987, Jason won the celebrity portion of the Long Beach Grand Prix.

10. His sister Justine Bateman starred on Family Ties (and also guest-starred on Arrested, if you'll recall.)

11. He could teach Tyra Banks how to smize. This is an extra one because you can see it for your own eyes so it's not a lesser known fact…BUT JUST LOOK AT HIM SMIZING AWAY.

Happy birthday you smizey mother effer!

(Image: Lia Toby / WENN.com)