Britney Spears’ 55-Hour Ex-Husband Jason Alexander Is Bitter About Her Engagement

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Britney Spears is engaged to her former manager Jason Trawick, and the only person who might be allowed to have misgivings — her ex Kevin Federline — is “totally happy” for her. Instead, the complaining is coming from another Jason—Jason Alexander, the childhood friend she wed for less than three days back in 2004.

Yes, despite their 55-hour Vegas marriage that was a joke taken too far, Jason is telling Us Weekly, “I think it's fake and people are afraid to say it.” He cites the fact that Jason was Britney's manager, though her father Jamie Spears is currently her conservator:

If you look at all the pictures between them there is no connection. They look like they are going through the motions.  It seems like a answer to the court thing. Sort of a nice way to sew it all up she marries her handler. That way she always has someone controlling her. It's sort of sad.

“I know everyone wants me to be happy about this, but I'm not,” he adds. No, Jason, we honestly forget who you are until you release fame-whorey sound bites like this.

Considering that this photo of him at a Beverly Hills store opening from 2006 exists, Jason has nothing to bitch and moan about: