Jared again?

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Boy, I'm getting dizzy. Wilmer – Jared – Wilmer – Jared

Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto still looked tight at Visionaire's anniversary party at Happy Valley last Saturday. Before leaving together, she took a minute to talk to Karl Lagerfeld – or try to – in the disco din. When the designer invited her to come to Paris, Lohan is said to have replied, “I hate that b-!” …


And yet, she claims to focus on her career first...

Lohan (at the New York premiere of King Kong) insists that her sights are set firmly on acting and singing – not on her relationships. “I focus on my career, not boys,” she says. Adds Tommy Mottola, the head of Lohan's record label, Casablanca Records: “She is really quick, really smart. She is becoming a real woman.”