January Jones Is Dating Another Former SNL Cast Member, So I Guess She Has A Type

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January Jones Is Dating Another Former SNL Cast Member  So I Guess She Has A Type Will Forte January Jones Last Man on Earth premiere after party February 2015 jpg

According to a new Us Weekly report, January Jones is dating Will Forte. As in the former SNL cast member. Sound familiar? You might remember that time January dated Jason Sudeikis, another SNL alum. Apparently she has a type. Do you think she’s trying to get a role on the show?

In addition to her role on Mad Men, January also co-stars on Will’s new Fox comedy The Last Man on Earth. I guess he didn’t have to be the last man on earth for her to date him. (I’m sure someone else has said or will say that today, but I came up with it on my own, so I’m going with it.)

According to Us Weekly‘s source, Will and January have been dating for a couple of months. They made sure to add that Will is “a good guy” and they’re “having fun.” I totally believe the first part. Anyone who would dress up as a racist creeper to give a hilarious wedding toast for his friend is obviously a cool dude. I’m just having a harder time understanding the second part. January Jones is having fun? Is she capable? Is that part of her robot programming? Did she get an update?

So yeah, it’s not exactly a secret that I’m not the biggest fan of January Jones. That’s partly because of the aforementioned robot suspicions, but a lot of it also has to do with my hatred of Betty Draper, as well as the fact that January has been so shady about the father of her child. (I know it’s none of my business but I need to know.) Her relationships with funny men like Will and Jason and even Josh Groban have baffled me over the years.

Will, for his part, has never had a confirmed girlfriend in the public eye, as Us Weekly points out. In fact, he said in 2010 that he’s “under the radar” and then gave Crushable a nice shout-out:

“Not a lot of people notice me. Which is surprising, because I’m so sexy. They’re probably intimidated by my sexiness and crushability.”


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